Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer 2011 > AS:P

This is an oil portrait (Acrylic under painting) I did this last Wednesday (Because I was bored during LP2) of my character Rieda Samejima [Naru] from my personal project, A-Sutenki: Proposals. This is the side project that has the most of my attention at the moment, so chances are good that Proposal characters will turn up quite a bit in the near future.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Fantasy Kelly

Miss Kelly Eden as a Final Fantasy character - as per her request. Follow Kelly on Tumblr: Such a fun lady to work with. ^^

Monday, June 6, 2011

This Should Resemble a Blog Post

In Theory. In Practice, that may or may not be achieved and I may or may not be especially concerned by its success or failure. The idea I have supporting this particular post is to have some kind of brief statement as to what sorts of things the viewer can expect to see in future posts.

This blog will hereafter primarily contain written and visual descriptions of the Cosmic Jingle Universe. What that is will be elaborated on as posts progress, but for now it can simply be defined as the mass of Worlds, Characters, and Stories that inhabit the vast closet of my imagination. Normally one could only find such insight from browsing the thick, ever-expanding binders that I have kept up for various personal projects. Now, bit by bit, this library will be opened up to a wider audience for constructive criticism. Items that I do not want commentary on will be marked accordingly.
This blog will also see the occasional post regarding projects pursued on a more official level, i.e. school work or collaborative projects that are not exposure-restricted. And I suppose if anything else strikes me as relevant, I will mention that too.

So at this point it is time to do a little exploring. I hope that whomever you are, you find the journey as entertaining as I do.