Saturday, April 14, 2012


And so my time at RMCAD draws to a close...I am relieved and over-joyed to be finished, excited to be moving to a new place, and HORRIBLY depressed to be leaving my friends. Strangely I'm not stressed about finding a job or repaying my loans, but I'm sure that will kick in soon enough.

Anyways, this was one of the two last completed projects I did for school. This was for Comp. Illustration II > the Client Project. Essentially my teacher was my client and I went through the process of drafting a contract and negotiating terms and completing revisions, etc. My teacher (Cherish) told me to create two characters: a brother and sister, both younger than 15 for either film or games...I went a little overboard.
I created the two characters for the poster....and then I drafted a One-Page game design document, followed by a 10-Pager, and all of this went onto my moving picture frame for Grad Exhibition. It was probably the most fun I had on a project in the shortest time frame yet (Because I essentially had one weekend to do everything) and I plan on working on this even more since I'm liking where it's headed.

The last-last project I completed for school will be posted once I get decent pictures of the images (36 total). It was the storyboard for The Angelic War, starring Archangel Michael and Archangel Lucifer. A little less pleased with that one, but it still came out nice as a whole. So I hope to be posting that in a couple weeks once I have a spare minute again.

Hope to see everyone at Industry Night (19th) and Graduation (20th)!!!