Sunday, October 14, 2012

More From Kit's Class

Another spare moment to post so here are the first two projects from Kit's Character Design Class: The Historical Costumes and the Yourself as a Super Villain. One might recognize Konstantin and Yelizaveta from a previous post - though with some modifications. In regards to the Evil Me, I thought about habits I would NEVER have (EWW SMOKING >P) and sought out a period of time and space in which I would have fun researching after the last project. My evil power is related to xenoglossy and clairaudience - I can speak in tongues or any other language and don't have to speak aloud to be heard - I get into your head and muck things up basically. My minions/victims are basically reduced to schizophrenia or other dissociative disorders and I get a good laugh out of how fun it is. I thought in that time of great excess I would delight in going over the top. 

Anyways, I hope to get around to coloring these in the next couple weeks when I get the chance. We'll see if time allows.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Treasures of Middle Earth Contest

Hello anyone who reads this! I have been quite busy, but I have somehow managed to find time to post this: my submission for the Treasures of Middle Earth Contest. I am mostly pleased with how it came out, though will admit there is much room for improvement. Honestly, I don't recall Galadriel being in The Hobbit, but since she made it into the upcoming films she was fair game. If you have time to vote, please do so at I - and everyone else who entered - would be thrilled that you took the time to show us your support!!