Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Miss Julia

My dear friend Britt had a character named Julia long before I did. (Incidentally, I named my Julia after my Grandma - and sisters Rosalyn and Emilia after my great aunts Emily and Rose - no other real resemblances known or intended) For Britt's Birthday and Christmas this year I decided since I had already done a picture of her character Gabriel (My unofficial boyfriend from back in the day), that I would now do a puppet of his wife - the second Julia.

Beyond the challenge of blonde hair (a variety of yarn, not embroidery floss) and matching a different artistic style (I tried to make her appear more like how Brit draws her), I also had the interesting task of late 1800s fashion. How is it so different than the first Julia??? Oh, the difference 10 years can make. The early-mid 1870s of Great Britain saw much more bustle - a different silhouette on top of much more draping - than the early 1860s of Holland.

Check out more of this Julia's story on Britt's blog HERE

Biggest lesson of all on this puppet - Brocade is even more of a pain to work with at a smaller scale. Time for more in-depth researching on fabric types!