Monday, August 10, 2015

Wanderlust: Gathering Inspiration & Reference while Traveling

Sometimes a thorough house cleaning isn't enough to get those creative juices flowing. About every five years or so I get an itch - the travel bug!

2007: I head to Japan with my camera and a blank journal. Man, do I wish that I had taken more pictures. I do, however, bring home many brochures from the places I went.

2010: I venture to New Zealand again armed with camera, blank journal, and rolls of tape. You can never take enough pictures. And it also helped budgeting to save receipts along with train ticket stubs.

Moral of the Story: Always bring a camera and extra batteries/charger. Also recommended is a blank journal or a sketchbook to take notes, scribble, etc. If you like doing this digitally - remember your charger! You never know what will inspire or aid in your next project, so start building your visual library now!! 

Who else has felt the itch of the travel bug? How do you appease it? How do you plan for trips and how do you save those memories?