Monday, September 12, 2016

CTN 2016 Preview

Well, this year has gone by RIDICULOUSLY fast. My last post was in March, so let's see...the remainder of spring and summer went to fabricating puppets for OniSan. A rare non-newsletter update can be seen on Raul's blog where he talks about the 3D printed parts that I had him help me with. I'm still chugging right along on that - progress to be featured this year at CTN.

In August Kubo and the Two Strings came to theaters - my first movie credit! I've been rolled over to the next film, presently still an RPQA. All the tiny faces!

The Costume Collaboration I spoke of last time is going strong. You can find out more about it now online through the Talking Threads Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo. We're really excited to launch The Story We Wear at CTN this year with a panel on Costume Design in Alternative Industries.

Hoping to see you all at CTN this year! :)