Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thoughts 27.7.11

So, I have been various shades of indisposed for the past couple days. (Darn those internal complaints) The only awesome part about it has been that in those blessed periods of controllable mobility and clarity in thought, I was able to get some work done. Like...done done. (I was equally surprised)

I sat down and started scripting out A-S: Supplemental - Proposals for graphic novel conversion...and I got six pages in before realizing...I can't. Apart from tweaking what I have, I can't really do anything else with it. Let's face it: it would not make a particularly thrilling graphic novel since there's not much actual action. It's good enough as a short. So yeah...packing it up and moving on I guess.

Also...and I know Brit will know exactly what I mean when I say this...what is up with the letter W? George Wickham. John Willoughby. Seriously.

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  1. Is someone having a Jane Austen marathon? :D

    Concerning your new painting, I like it lots (he has pretty eyes). Also, one of these days you're going to have to walk me through red-dominated color-schemes, because they still confuse me...