Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Sketches!!

Some Life Drawing practice for my D&D character, Fyedka. Good fun. POSE REFERENCE BY THE LOVELY SENSHISTOCK.

 Some photos of the model I built for the Naru Residence. Made of Bristol Paper, Illustration board and foam core base....and lots of tape. As I was building this I was kindly informed that I could just build it in SketchUp, taking only minutes as opposed to an evening. But I had fun using my HANDS and HOLDING it - just more substantial, more of an achievement in my eyes. Of course now I have to figure out how to store it...or finish it...hmmm.

More speed paintings!! My cell phone, my flash drive, my shiny new Olfa knife and the keyboard in front of me. Not really crazy objects, but surprisingly challenging none the less.

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