Monday, August 20, 2012

Ximena Redesign

 I have decided at this point that if I'm feeling inspired one-way-or-another I should just run with it instead of frustrating myself and getting nothing done. I mean this strictly in terms of my personal work obviously. Thus said, I felt energized to pick up a pencil and work on Ximena's redesign...not the ASUBB pages that I told myself would get done this week. (It's still early, who knows - they might still manifest?) The result being the above as opposed to no post at all. Having something to show is better than having nothing (well...I suppose guilt and frustration aren't nothing, but it's harder to show them unless abstractly and I don't fancy abstract art).
I'll start Gregorio here pretty soon. He's being a bit more stubborn. Silly boys always are.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Taste Test Round II

Ah Ha! The last taste test before I start posting pages regularly - a little ways off now that I have a tighter schedule, but still closer than I was before. ^^ I struggled a bit with the visual content of this page, whether or not I should just jump into the action or not, and decided for pacing purposes that this was best. Who is this woman? What impact does she have on this story? More than you would imagine - but you'll have to follow along to find out!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Learning ALL The Things!

 So...I randomly decided to learn Trimble/Google SketchUp because why not...and this was my first attempt at an interior. Saori's Tea Room. It took me a couple afternoons, mostly because I fussed over that table which I already want to change for so long. The only things in there I didn't build from scratch were the tea set and the chairs because at that point I was ready to try different things. And the "paint" job was just the default swatches since I was just experimenting. I wanted to take it into DAZ to light it before truly painting it in Photoshop, but then found out that I needed the non-free version to have that feature...or find the plugin elsewhere. I have the plugin now, so maybe so I'll get around to finishing this...but WAIT I've already started a new model!!
So here it is in Top view with the perspective turned off. (One may or may not catch that this is more directly related to the project I'm working on now) I found saving out a quick flat allowed me to map it in Photoshop super easy. No graph paper involved! And I guess, as is, it is a rather boring layout to look at, very symmetrical and lots of straight lines. But that works for the inhabitants. They are very unimaginative, paranoid, unwavering people...sans the eldest son. Anyways, pulling this one into 3 dimensions has taken a couple days at least because of scale and detail. I started in the kitchens on that fireplace and went on from there, still periodically working on it since it's helpful in staging scenes more accurately, but am now back to what I really need to be getting done.

PS. SketchUp - You have taken much frustration and wasted resources/time out of my environments. Considering that I've only had you for about a week now...well, I just wanted to say Thank You. I'm sure our future together will be happy and productive. You're awesome. Cheers!