Monday, August 20, 2012

Ximena Redesign

 I have decided at this point that if I'm feeling inspired one-way-or-another I should just run with it instead of frustrating myself and getting nothing done. I mean this strictly in terms of my personal work obviously. Thus said, I felt energized to pick up a pencil and work on Ximena's redesign...not the ASUBB pages that I told myself would get done this week. (It's still early, who knows - they might still manifest?) The result being the above as opposed to no post at all. Having something to show is better than having nothing (well...I suppose guilt and frustration aren't nothing, but it's harder to show them unless abstractly and I don't fancy abstract art).
I'll start Gregorio here pretty soon. He's being a bit more stubborn. Silly boys always are.

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