Friday, December 28, 2012

Challenge Accepted!

I have long been aware of, but with all the other sites I have been trying to maintain I thought it best not to start yet ANOTHER profile that I would not be able to keep up efficiently. However, this week's Character Forge 2D Challenge was to hard to resist, thus I now have a CGHub account if anyone cares to check in on my activity there. I plan to just use it for challenges and I may or may not post my entries elsewhere - so definitely worth a peek every now and then!! Hope to see you there! : )

EDIT: did not realize the deadline for this challenge was so soon. I have been working at it, but I don't think I'm going to have a decent finish by noon this Saturday. I'll post my finished piece on my CGHub account when I do get it done. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Xi Shi

The next Ancient Beauty of the series - Xi Shi with imitation coy (since she was so beautiful that fish would forget how to swim and sink ;p). Might take a break before I finish the last two - to work on another portfolio piece since a workable composition finally came to me while at work today. Thank goodness it was truck day so I had ALL the cigarette boxes to break down and sketch thumbnails on...hey, it's better than drawing all over the receipt tape. lol...sigh -_- 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wang Zhaojun

AhHa! Another update!! This is a revamp of Wang Zhaojun and a fanciful bird of paradise (since she was so beautiful that birds dropped dead from shame ;p). Stylistically I wanted it to be recognizable as something I would do and find visually appealing - but I more heavily referenced a different set of artists than I normally do in an attempt to start experimenting a bit more, pushing those style boundaries, etc.

Honestly I was most influenced by a set of prints that I purchased at CTN this year by Liana Hee of four geisha. I was drawn to them for several reasons, but most importantly because they are ATTRACTIVE. When I say they are attractive I mean that their simple shape language reads clearly, tells four individual stories that are cohesive as a set and they possess a certain charm that makes smiling irresistible. I hope that as I revamp the other three Beauties of China that I can also make them as attractive as Liana's geisha are. : )