Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Youngest Miss Clarke

So here as promised is the design plan for that armature in the previous post. Already added the first block-in of clay, so it's starting to come together. I'll post an update before I'm ready to bake. Really glad I let Raul instruct me on armature building because if it weren't so darn sturdy I would probably have busted it up and died of frustration by now. Also saw Jordu Schell's Gnomen DVD on sculpting monsters...very informative AND super funny...would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Again, this is my design for the main character of Beauty and the Beast (aka Beauty, but that's not what I've named her). I'm sticking a little closer to the original fairy tale story-wise, set in a time/place that I am (haha, it's not cheating to draw what you know) very familiar with - though judging solely from the above may not be what you'd guess. It'll probably become more clear when I get around to posting the Beast half of this equation. For now, enjoy and ponder the awesomeness to come. ^^

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