Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Magic Box Fancy Miss Punky

 A bit late, but here none the less! This is what I am working on now - a fancy Miss Punky. For those who don't know - Miss Punky is my boss's PomChi (Pomeranian + Chihuahua) who likes to eat your foods and have her tummy rubbed. She's surprisingly quiet; she'll sit and watch you until you pet or feed her. If she's really hungry she'll do a little dance. Her winter hair cut makes her look like Simba from The Lion King. She's a sweetheart.
The painting above was done by George Romney. I chose it for this project for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of her hat. I felt like Miss Punky needed a ridiculous hat.
This is part one of four (I think), so hopefully before the next assignment comes out I'll at least have part two or three posted.
So far this project has been enjoyable, if not amusing to my boyfriend. : )

In other news, my prints and new business cards arrived for the art market this Saturday and they are looking mighty nice. Well, the business cards are a little off, but all the information is readable which is the important part. The image itself isn't cut off either. And I only ordered 100, so if they go half as fast as they did at DCC I don't anticipate leftovers for CTNX. So the next order should come out better. But the prints themselves are BEAUTIFUL and FOR SALE.

Said boyfriend will also be there at the art market. He will be doing a live painting "demo" of a creature...which from what I've seen of the prep work he's been doing...will certainly be interesting. I won't say more than that since everybody should come check it out!

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