Thursday, August 1, 2013

Character Sketches

Working on a new character, not "new" new, but new enough? Actually starting to get frustrated with her. I'm NOT a fan of the early Victorian hairstyles in Europe because they make everyone look old, manly and snobbish, so I fudged the historical accuracy hoping it would help make her look younger and a bit more feminine. (Aiming for a sophisticated early twenties) Trying to "stretch" her more and loosen her up since I imagine her as an animated character, but that too is proving hard since the further I try to push her, the further off model or awkward she starts looking. I was told that of the 6 drawings (3 of which I decided to scrap on account of said frustration) all of them looked like different people and were done in a completely different style. No suggestion was given as to how that could be remedied. A turn around was recommended to nail her features in place and give her a standard silhouette, but the first attempt (Not posted here) looked soooooo dead stiff that I felt it in my bad knee, took a pain killer and went to bed early. >< (Yesterday was kind of a nightmare anyway, so it was like...crowning achievement of FAIL)

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