Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Girl Power!!

Quick sketch to further emphasize how EXCITED I am to go home this weekend and shop with these lovely ladies!! : D I have many Sistas - of all kinds, and many not pictured here (Do I sense a quick sketch series? What about my Bros?! I can't forget them!!) - but these are the fabulous gals who will join me in teasing Raul. Relentlessly. All over Billings, MT. (Sorry in advance)  

Starting at the left is my biological older sister, Virginia. I'm excited to see her because I haven't seen her since the last time I was home in...March maybe? AND she's going to make me an auntie!! I'm going to be the best auntie ever and spoil her kids. Loves you my Gigi! : )

Center is my new little sister, Rocio. Technically Raul's little sister, but I calls dibs now. She's driving up with us to see what Montana's like. I tempted her with mentions of the lack of sales tax and movie watching. I hope she doesn't get too bored! Loves you my Lulu! : )

On the right is my foreign exchangee sister, Mio. My family hosted her for the year following my exchange in Japan. Not only a great sister, but a great friend too. She's visiting home before going back to Japan now that her college exchange is over. Loves you my Momo! : ) 


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