Thursday, October 31, 2013

Saints, Sinners and Survivors - Not Interested in 4

As their marriage - lastingly only 6 months - was never consummated,
Anne of Cleeves was never technically a Queen of England. Born in Germany,
she came to England and married Henry on January 6th, 1540. Both she
and her younger sister were in consideration for the position of wife number
Having no formal education or aptitude for cultural adaption, Anne was
just as displeased with Henry as he was with her - readily agreeing to
a divorce and the distinction of being the King's "Beloved Sister." She
never remarried and enjoyed managing the households gifted to her by
Henry - one of which once belonged to Anne Boleyn. 
She outlived Henry (And Catherine Parr, the only other wife to do so)
and lived to see Lady Mary crowned Queen. The Lady Elizabeth was
also a favorite, being included in her last will. 
There's a bit about her learning to play cards - and getting very good at it -
in the Tudors. Cards were one of her hobbies, so that is her designated
activity in this sketch. 
I often feel like this Anne is overlooked. Though it was tempting to skim
over her (She's not my favorite) I actually spent a great deal of time
trying to do her a little justice. I scrapped 5 earlier versions and am content
with this one. Her silhouette is still a bit dull - but it's hard to do much with
billowy skirts. : / 
I was going to originally wait to post this until Sunday or Monday BUT in the
holiday spirit...ta da!! Have a Happy and Safe Halloween! : )


  1. Beautiful! This new style of yours is very clean and polished, love it!

    1. YAY! Comments working!! :) Thanks I'm starting to feel like there are little things that I need to keep pushing forward, like focused value patterns and incorporating more textures - but I only have one more Tudor to go, so I'll keep them consistent for now and the next project set will be "Next Gen." lol