Monday, November 11, 2013

CTNX 2013 – Game Prep!

This will be my third CTN eXpo and they just keep getting better and better! : D

This year I will have the opportunity to see the Getty Art Museum with the incredible Oatley Academy crew. If anything like the DAM trip that accompanied this year's Denver ComicCon, it will prove both fun and educational. Post Getty, I have tickets for the screening of Ernest and Celestine - - a gorgeous French animation that will be shown in English here for the first time. (Normally I don't like dubs, but I don't understand French at all so this time is okay) At the convention I will make rounds to visit all the super awesome peoples I've been meeting/keeping tabs on and make my purchases – got a pretty tight budget this year so while I want to buy everyone's sketchbooks – I probably will only get a max of 3-5. : / I have applications in to two studios at the moment, so I plan on following up with their recruiters. And I also plan on getting feedback from my artist friends! I didn't sign up for any workshops this year because most of my time is going to be dedicated to the Oatley Academy booth #B51. I have my official Academy Tshirt packed and I'm stoked to represent this amazing school and the Magic Box course!! Some of the students will also be selling their work, but I think I'm going to just take orders this year – that is if anyone is interested. I'm easing myself into more and more booth activity so next year I might have my own CTN New Talent Table. ; ) I will do a full write up (Hopefully with pictures) the Monday when I get back – to encourage everybody who couldn't make it this year to come next year and to share any big announcements that might be coming up – so stay tuned for that!

A BIG THANK YOU to Matt and Brittany, who volunteered to drop off/pick up Raul and I from the airport in Denver, and to our hotel roomies Katherine and Owen. You guys are the BEST. : )

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