Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Aww yeah! LEVEL UP!! This is for the IlloLifeRPG that the amazing Chris Conlon started. (I met him through Oatley Academy - super awesome fun times!!)

Check out those boosted Sculpting, Patience, and Constitution stats. Hard earned those.

For this level, I was thinking of playing up the "evil" since for whatever reason I scored that alignment the first time around. (Probably had something to do with traffic that day) At the time I was sketching I was also watching a Fashion documentary on Netflix, so my brain said "strike a fierce pose...like Tyra!" Next on the Netflix playlist was Tron...so yeah, color scheme, straight lines and circles. Little bit rushed towards the end; just super stoked for the next puppet-y piece. (I suppose it should have been orange then...if I was really sticking to the "evil" theme)

Why so much Netflix lately? Well. It started with Tonsilitis. Which was treated with Amoxicillin. That caused an allergic reaction. Which was handled with mass amounts of Benadryl. That was stopped cold turkey once the hives went away. Which caused a major upset in my stomach. That eventually lead to an awkward nap in my cubicle during lunch today. Three weeks later and I think I've finally kicked it. :)

So now that Miss Julia is finished (Save one more page down the road) I've started work on OniSan. Already have a few sketches that I like, but I want to try pushing him further before settling on a design to take forward. When I was talking to Lady Katherine before she flew home today, she had some ideas for Oni involving more adjustable appendages made of foam so I might try that out and do another massive case study - It'll be a bit more practical for puppets as opposed to sculptures. And I do intend to highlight more of the inherited sewing skills as well. So look forward in the coming weeks for the start of that.

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