Monday, April 14, 2014

CGHUB and My Bleeding Heart

Since learning about the Heartbleed, I've been taking stock of my online presence. (Nothing like a major security gap to get the heart pumping) It's nice to have a better handle on where I am, what I use the internet for, etc. But it was also quite a headache getting everything updated.

Almost at the same time, I realized this was happening:
I can't say I've been that active on CGHUB. I only had a modest selection of my art posted and didn't follow anyone there that I didn't already follow everywhere else. So it wasn't so great a heart break for me personally. That said, I do know people who are very upset; this was their go to place for posting, interacting, and finding inspiration. It is very difficult to loose a community like that, especially so suddenly and without much reason given. There are many other communities out there (some listed on the page linked above) and I'm sure they will find a home again soon.
Thank you internet.

Am I going to go out and join another art community since CGHUB is gone? Probably not. I have enough trouble remembering all the changed passwords. I don't need another one to get confused.

April update: Working away on the Oni sculpting parts. Sue's Monday is thumb nailed and ready for a nice line drawing and some color. And I spent the majority of this last weekend writing. It's been a long while, but I woke up Saturday with an urge to write. OniSan's story just spilled out of my fingers and I'm almost done with the first draft. Guess it was done incubating and ready for hatching. :)
I also applied for Painting Drama 1 – the original Chris Oatley class – so that will be starting up in June/July. Definitely need to catch up a bit with Magic Box...

This weekend I'll be gone for Easter. Hoping to dye some eggs. The following weekend (Starting Thurs actually) I'll be up in Montana visiting – for those who want to meet up, txt me for I may not have my car while I'm there – mainly just playing with/staring at my sister's baby. Baby!! :D

Speaking of babies - Congrats to Brett and Julie Bean on their adorable son!! Best wishes to everyone and I'm super excited and happy for you! :)

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