Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sue's Sunday

A Sunbonnet Sue Sunday involves skipping along to church. Traditionally she would be walking to/from the church – we may or may not see the church itself – and she would be in contemplation with a flower or her prayer book and rosary. I figured she'd be pretty relieved after a full week of strenuous chores to have a moment of rest and spiritual nourishment, maybe she'll get to see her friends or friendly neighbors.

I would never be this thrilled to attend church, but that's a different story.

Things I realized while working on this:
  1. Sketch Up is not only excellent for spot checking your perspective quickly, its ability to rotate a crude model will also help you pick a better/more realistic angle.
  2. Skipping is fun to do, but looks weird.
  3. The lovely ladies in my family (Sister-Mom-Nana) all look like each other, though in this particular instance Sue is looking a tiny bit more like my sister than my Nana. Go figure.
  4. I think switching out col-erase pencil colors in between projects helps me focus on separate ideas and keep energized – i.e. Julia in green pencil is different than Oni in purple pencil is different than Sue in pink. Sue would be pink.
  5. When in doubt, put a bird in it. (Or a sad puppy...with a bandage...omg I love birds!)  
I hope you enjoy Sunday. One day down, six more to go. And next week should be an Oni update post!! :)

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