Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Very Productive Weekend

Updated 4 Beauties. Had the idea to start developing themes in sets of four each year (This year is refining these lovely ladies) so then I'll have fresh sets of business cards, post cards, etc. for mailings and events. (Gotta Catch'em all, eh?) I'm looking forward to this little tradition I'm setting up for myself, brainstorming all sorts of things for future years - and I'm still open for suggestions!!

All four completed over two days while listening to the Audio Commentaries on almost every Pixar and Disney animated movie owned by my roommate (So enlightening): water colors, acrylics, micron pen, markers, and colored pencils. Still needs a little tweaking in Photoshop before new cards can be ordered though, so look for them at the Grad Show! OPENING APRIL 13TH!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All At Once!!

Haven't posted in a while and feeling a little guilty, so here's a bunch of stuff! Various appointments in the last couple days have determined the following: My spleen isn't ruptured, my kidneys are functioning normally, no gallstones to speak of...but I may still have an ulcer. Not too surprising that Art School would chose my last semester to wait and kill me. I'll know for sure tomorrow - hopefully, otherwise I get more scans JOY.

A traditional portrait of Anzel for Grad Portfolio. Watercolor pencils, microns, acrylics, colored pencils, water colors all on Illustration board. I think it came out really well. I am for once most pleased. ^^

Traditional portrait of Durga for Grad Portfolio. Same process as above. Not as pleased as with Anzel, but still nice I think.

Digital piece of Lars for Grad Portfolio. Pencil sketch scanned into Photoshop CS5.5 - Had a falling out with Digital Painting earlier this semester, but trying to make amends. Came out okay. I still feel like it's sucking the soul from my drawing. Which just means that I need to keep working at it.

Character Sheet for Creative Vis class with Barry Kooser. This is for a commercial/PSA for getting your pet "sprayed" or neutered. The design is based off of a spray bottle (Which I speed painted later for Comp. 2).

The location for my PSA. These were both sketched in pencil and then quickly traced/colored in Photoshop.

A series of three speed-paint still lifes for Comp. 2. Spray Bottle, Eraser, and my meds sitting atop the Mac tower...which I should get refilled soon. ><

Two more business cards for Marketing, in the same line as the first - featuring the 4 Beauties of Ancient China. For as much as I hate Photoshop, I seem to be needing it a lot lately. :/

Ta Da! Trying to keep up with the work while resting a bit more to compensate for the fatigue and pain. Will try to post again in a couple weeks, might be another dump once I get a little further into Grad Portfolio. Who knows.