Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All At Once!!

Haven't posted in a while and feeling a little guilty, so here's a bunch of stuff! Various appointments in the last couple days have determined the following: My spleen isn't ruptured, my kidneys are functioning normally, no gallstones to speak of...but I may still have an ulcer. Not too surprising that Art School would chose my last semester to wait and kill me. I'll know for sure tomorrow - hopefully, otherwise I get more scans JOY.

A traditional portrait of Anzel for Grad Portfolio. Watercolor pencils, microns, acrylics, colored pencils, water colors all on Illustration board. I think it came out really well. I am for once most pleased. ^^

Traditional portrait of Durga for Grad Portfolio. Same process as above. Not as pleased as with Anzel, but still nice I think.

Digital piece of Lars for Grad Portfolio. Pencil sketch scanned into Photoshop CS5.5 - Had a falling out with Digital Painting earlier this semester, but trying to make amends. Came out okay. I still feel like it's sucking the soul from my drawing. Which just means that I need to keep working at it.

Character Sheet for Creative Vis class with Barry Kooser. This is for a commercial/PSA for getting your pet "sprayed" or neutered. The design is based off of a spray bottle (Which I speed painted later for Comp. 2).

The location for my PSA. These were both sketched in pencil and then quickly traced/colored in Photoshop.

A series of three speed-paint still lifes for Comp. 2. Spray Bottle, Eraser, and my meds sitting atop the Mac tower...which I should get refilled soon. ><

Two more business cards for Marketing, in the same line as the first - featuring the 4 Beauties of Ancient China. For as much as I hate Photoshop, I seem to be needing it a lot lately. :/

Ta Da! Trying to keep up with the work while resting a bit more to compensate for the fatigue and pain. Will try to post again in a couple weeks, might be another dump once I get a little further into Grad Portfolio. Who knows.

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