Monday, July 9, 2012

Spanning the *Imaginary* Globe

I've been struggling a bit for the last week or so to better understand and become more confident in certain artistic areas that I realized were sadly lacking. I wouldn't say I'm totally uncomfortable or purposefully avoid them...since I have found several earnest attempts when searching through past work that aren't too ghastly...I just don't feel like my skills there are as strong as in others. Plenty of time to fix that now since it will effect other working projects soon.

Anyways, pulled this from the game pitch I did as a supplement to the very last project in Comp. Illustration II. It's a manipulated photograph of a 3D map I did a while back, NOT for school, when I was really bored - made out of folded paper and LOTS of tissue paper/tape and careful application of acrylics...hmmm, now that I look at it, this was before I added the moss-tree/forests in the greener areas. The highest mountains are probably 1-2inches above the sea level which is the wood base.
As I was so bored when starting this map, there exists documents figuring out the plate tectonics that would cause such features, weather patterns for each region, political distinctions, general flora/fauna - though I didn't get to sketching out some of those creatures before the next semester started - and an outline for a Creation Myth/Pantheon. Yeah...I was really bored...I probably watched all three LOTR movies four times with each set of audio commentary in the process. Good times.

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