Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fast Forward from 2008

YAY!! You've successfully made it to 2013!
Back in fall of 2008 I started attending art school - our first assignment was to draw/express our Selves on a 6x6" canvass square. I was so determined to do something awesome. Something that combined my love for creating stories, my recent exchange to Japan, my general quirkiness, etc.
And I thought I did a really good job with just acrylics. Our squares were collected and stitched together in a quilt that hung at the school until recently. (Apparently I'm old now?)
Since I spent so much energy on it and didn't want it sitting in storage forever, I requested it back. The school was happy to accommodate me. I remembered it as being better than it was...luckily I already had plans to revamp it digitally to go along with my new(ish) branding - and I really love how it came out. This is due to having worked my butt off to finish school and my continuing education/mentoring with Chris Oatley. (Go sign up for Magic Box - it's awesome) : D 
I will make prints of the renewed image (above) for my family and the school (If you reeeeeally want one I might be talked into it) for this Christmas. The old piece (below) I will keep in my suitcase of Japan - that is the suitcase I had to buy there to bring back all the things I bought or was gifted. 
I think I made some progress, don't you?? 

As a parting thought...some of you may know...this March I will be an auntie. Today I learned that I will have a niece. Very excited to meet the adorable girly in 2014!! : )

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