Monday, October 28, 2013

Saints, Sinner and Survivors - Lamenting 6

Is it irony that Henry's last wife was named after his first? Catherine Parr's 
mother was a close friend and attendant to Catherine of Aragon - which 
also explains why Parr sought to befriend the Lady Mary, becoming a
member of her household before accepting the king's invitation to marriage.
(That friendship lasted until Parr remarried after Henry died - very controversial) 
Henry and Catherine were married on July 12th 1543. Parr had been married twice before,
with no children from either marriage - unless counting step children. 
She had no children with Henry either - her only child (Mary) was with her fourth
husband, Thomas Seymour (brother of Jane Seymour). Parr died much in
the same vein as Jane - from complications after childbirth. 
It is probable that she was a reformist - judging by her book Lamentation of a Sinner
among other habits - but she managed to dodge most trouble by being clever and
lucky. I believe she was a rather good fit for Henry in his later life. 
 Go watch the last few episodes of the Tudors that have Joley Richardson as Parr. It is my opinion that she was a wonderful pick for the role. Other than particular
inspirations to go along with this one. : /

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