Monday, October 7, 2013

Onisan Update

Two more pages of Onisan content: Julia's family and the Yosei who is disguised for most of the narrative as a house servant named Moriko. Still hoping I can at least get Oni ready by the CTN portfolio deadline this Oct. 13th. Had plans for two additional illustrations, but one they wouldn't get done and brain exploded.
Chris Oatley recommended I read it and it kind blew my mind. I realized that with Onisan I had finally made a push with a personal project that was closer to being personal, but I could still push it further. It made me realize a lot of other things too - mainly though was this notion of giving/sharing and being genuine - being truly indispensable. So I started sketching...
These were mainly from photographs of when I spent a summer (2007) in Japan with YFU. It was absolutely brilliant. I'm now trying to figure out the best way to share this experience - utilizing my abilities and passion. Who knows, maybe when I finish I'll do a New Zealand follow up??
Seriously, go read Linchpin. Or get the audiobook and listen to it while you're drawing. Good stuff!: )

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