Friday, October 11, 2013


I'm currently auditing a class that focuses on branding, social media, etc. And I think this time around I have a much better handle on things. Let's face it, your last semester of Senior year isn't the best time to be faced with the question: WHO ARE YOU? (artistically) With everything else I had going on, this wasn't high on my priority list.
But it should have been.
Which is why I'm retaking the class now. Some of you may have noticed a shift in presentation - which will continue on through until mid December when the class ends - and while some things are staying the same. Others are definitely not.
I am sticking by Cosmic Jingle. The idea is still important to me. But the logo has changed, pretty drastically which is fine. I feel like it fits me better. I am unfortunately still not of Asian descent, but I draw much inspiration from my stay in Japan and several current projects focus on that experience. What happens when I finish those projects? The inspiration is still there. I'm not going to ask everyone to go back to spelling my named Becky. Still Beki here.
What are the red characters then? A while back I looked up the meanings of my last name(s) and translated the meaning over. Black was pretty easy. Gliko was more of a challenge. I've been throwing this on pretty much all of my artwork since...well since 2008 because my name's too long to write out on the bottom of a piece. (Too long for most official form lines too and most don't recognize hyphens either) This way I also avoid confusing people with multiple initials. Hallelujah!
I understand some people's opinions about using your real name on things. I agree that whenever possible one should try to use their names and take responsibility/credit for what they put out there. But I can also understand how in certain situations this is not possible. Some people have more common names and are unable to get the identifier they want. Some people deeply hate their name. Some people have awkward names. Some people didn't plan on being a public figure and are stuck with nicknames they picked when they were 12 years old. (Although to that I have to question their understanding of how the internet works...?) Some people are in Witness Protection or another similar situation. I am still surprised how many Facebook friend requests I get from people who think I am that Friday girl, so it's nice sometimes to get away from that mass of trollers.
Anyways, that's my two cents on the whole branding/rebranding.
Expect more changes in the next couple months - including some new art up on the website. ; )
Thanks again for stopping by and giving this post a read!!

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