Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saints, Sinners and Survivors - Mourning 3

While not quite as intellectually impressive as wives 1 and 2, Jane was a skilled artist - an avid embroiderer. Fairly conservative, she was far more concerned with decorum than political maneuvering - perhaps discouraged by the fate of her predecessor. 
She was betrothed to Henry one day after Anne (A distant cousin) was beheaded and the only of his wives to be buried as a Queen of England, earning the final resting place beside Henry, but never actually crowned queen. 
She proved compassionate when reconciling Mary with her Father, and even achieved her goal of restoring Mary to the royal succession. She died in childbirth - the only wife to give Henry what he wanted - a male heir - Edward VI. Many remembered her fondly, some used her to further leverage themselves in court - such as her two brothers who both met rather dismal ends. 
I noticed rather quickly that the actress who played Jane in the Tudors was switched out in between seasons - but was rather surprised when my mother didn't notice this. Guess it goes to show how thoroughly they covered their tracks when starting up that third season. 
I feel like that was a type of bonding we did when I was younger - watch various shows and movies and make the connections almost like a game - "Oh yes, she was also in this and this where he also co-stared, etc." I suppose this is why some people think I am a walking IMDB. lol 
In regards to Jane herself, I do imagine she was quite the epitome of grace and prudence...but maybe a bit dull otherwise. 
Welp, that's all folks! Henry VIII did not in fact have VIII wives, only six. Thank you for joining me on this mini history lesson. For more information on these ladies you can watch the Tudors - not 100% accurate, but oh so entertaining! Now I am moving on to other projects, other times, other be revealed shortly! Exciting times!! :)

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