Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Sketches and Commissions

The week just before Christmas I was working on a commission piece (Not pictured here) which turned out well, all in pastels no less! Then I flew home to Montana for Christmas (Kiiiiinda stressful since there are not so many flights headed that way anymore, for about an hour I thought Raul would see my parents and I'd wouldn't) and slept for about a week. Also rubbed my sister's tummy, got kicked, ate birthday cake and saw 47 Ronin. Seriously, that's about it besides sleeping. I did somehow manage to sketch the above fancy bear in the meantime (The additional non-bear sketch is a month or so old, but I realized I may not have posted it then because I was coloring it) for catching back up with my Magic Box lessons. Working on another piece I hope to have ready for posting on Monday - and then I've got to really hunker down and start a project due in March. Hint: Ducklings. ;) 

I hope everyone had a good holiday. I'm very much looking forward to an exciting year with fingers crossed that everything goes at least half-way according to plan. lol 

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