Monday, January 13, 2014

Renewed Attempts

Incorporating more of my research...I'm taking yet another approach to this character. I still have much more development needed, but I feel like I'm getting much closer with this page. The finished "page" for her will probably be several pages long. XP
I had been close to finished on another important piece for a while, but then I had a break through (On a Sunday evening no less, so very hard getting myself to go to sleep for work the next morning after that epiphany) and scrapped it. Now the redraw is super close to finished and I feel super energized about it, so the painting will go speedy fast!! :) (Teaser below)
Then I should get back to that Fancy Bear...and some 


  1. Love the poses, especially the standing one, you got a great line of action there. And the hair :) I need to find a hair dresser that can do those kind of up-dos, cause I would totally walk around like an 1860s lady every day if I could. Though I think I need more hair....

  2. Thank you! I'm still not sold on them, just doesn't quite feel right yet...too stiff maybe...but I'm getting much closer to really nailing that level of overall figure expression that I'm aiming for. I think that'll come when I know her better as a person. Guess it's time to write stuff out a bit more. lol
    You know...I should hurry up and share/make public that pinterest board because it does have a few how-tos on there which make it a little clearer as to how one would accomplish some of those styles. (Context of Historical reenactment of course) I also have to wonder how many involved fake hair being inserted...either way, I know my hair would never hold those curls even if I did sleep in rollers or twisted rags. My dreams are dashed. ><