Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leveling Up

I love those shoes.
A friend of mine that I met through Oatley Academy - the amazing Chris Conlon - started the IlloLifeRPG on Facebook a week ago. This is my initial character sheet for the "game" of leveling up my skills and I'm pretty close-ish to leveling up soon, so I'll have to update that. (Maybe include the pair of shoes I just bought which are also cute) lol It's been really fun and challenging. I also LOVE some of the other character sheets I'm seeing. Lots of talented people out there!
Seriously, check it out: here.
In other news, I think I've finally beaten this cake-coma and had the very last piece of red velvet this morning for breakfast - so I should have much more to post in the upcoming weeks. ><

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