Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tall, Dark and British...

My dear lady friend Miss Britt has been working very hard to get her first novel finished. I fondly remember reading through an old, unfinished draft and I am STOKED to read the next finished draft soon. I don't do fan art very often, but I think the occasion called for something special. So I present for you: Gabriel Arevale, Lord of Derringham!

We joked for about 3 years that I was dating Gabriel as I spent so much time staring at the fancy portraits she did of him. What can I say? I dig the tortured souls. lol I even got this fantastic birthday comic: which he was so gracious enough to participate in for me. Fun times indeed.

It's a fantastic story that's historical, romantic, mysterious, and thrilling! So definitely check out her blog for updates and beg her for more teasers:


  1. Omg, I forgot about that comic, hahaha XD.

    Thank you again, Beki, I love it!!

  2. That really needs to happen - that whole thing needs to be a graphic novel. And then a movie. I guess Richard Armitage could play Gabriel. ;p
    I'm really glad you like it. :)