Monday, February 17, 2014

Adding Some Soul

DOUBLE UPDATE! :D This is for two reasons:

1. A certain company that I'd LOVE to work for has posted up their next round of internships for the summer. Since this personal project is one that I'd envisioned done for/by this studio - I figured it'd be great to get more of it out there sooner - maaaybe get an internship too? *Rubs lucky ears*

2. She LIVES. I literally just finished her, so I won't be behind next week when I leave for this weekend and can easily do a double post this time AND next time - so the final will be posted next week!

So. The top image is of the acrylic painting process (Sneak peak in the background of the design sketch) and then they are followed by two in-process hair shots. I opted for embroidery floss - as opposed to my actual hair - which was a smart move considering how much my glue gun decided to melt stuff and smoke randomly. Though I burned myself considerably less this time than the last crafty project.
Leveling up with the glue gun! :)
The embroidery floss also allowed for more strand colors and lock thickness variation. (Much easier to braid and fray than Scuply) Overall I think this was my favorite part.

The last four pics are a turn around of the finished hair. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for corsets, lace and all the skirts!

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